Leona and the pups

Pictures from yesterday


Leona loves to look (and of course cuddle) the pups



Social pups


Mr Grey


All nine



We have open up for visitors, and last Friday we had the owners of Adoreas Red Lillie, Millie and Mio here. They were travelling through because of the two dog shows in Kristiansand. Saturday we had the owners of Molly, Meeko and Ona here.
The pups need lots of visitors to socialize with.

Here are some pics from Friday:


The living room

A week ago the pups moved downstairs to the living room. And to a bigger puppy garden. Since they still are small they got a small toilet box. The larger one are quite tall.
In the living room they got to hear all the sounds/noise from the kitchen/livingroom. And with 3 kids in the house, it’s only quite some hours during the night. After I og to bed 😉
We have seperated the puppy garden, so I can put the pups in the smaller area when I wash and change blankets. And the smaller area is the visitors sone that always is clean with no pee. When the pups requires bigger area we make the visitor/clean sone smaller.


Click on the first pic to see them larger in a slide show: