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They are finally here!

Wow what can I say! It was a long night as you can see from the last blog post. India gave birth all night and even in the morning!

5 boys and 4 girls! We are thrilled! 9 puppies are a large Toller Litter! Only once we’ve had 9 pups in a Toller litter, our F-litter.

With us this night we had Maiken (Gossip/Lava) as a co-midwife, and my mother in law as a secretary (writing the info about each pup born) and a baby sitter for Leona (she wake up several times every night). The night before (we thought the pups would be born then) we had Linda (Molly) constantly looking after India, while I was comforting a fever sick baby Leona, and my mother in law was here sleeping in case the birth started and she had to take over Leona. Thank you all 3 of you for helping!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Maiken and Farah resting between the battles

Our 2 son’s, Oscar and Richard, woke up early and were so excited about the pups! Erik took them and Leona down staires, so India would get the calm environement she deserved to deliver the two last pups. Farah the Ridgeback was laying beside the puppy pen during almost the whole birth. Farah and India love and respect each other.

08 o’clock in the morning yesterday the birth was finally over. So happy and relieved that everything vent well! India and I really needed a shower, and my dad came to look after the pups so I could have some sleep. And India could rest peacfully at the clean blanket after having breakfast, been outside on the “toilet” and showering.

I follow the pups carefully to see if them all get round bellys and seem content. That’s so important. 9 pups are a larger litter, but if everything is fine with the mom it’s no problem to feed them all. We have had 12 pups several times with the Ridgebacks and never needed to feed them anything extra.

The pups weight between 300-400 gr. so they were not small when they were born.

Baby Leona loves to watch the pups! Here in the evening and the heating lamp is on

Erik has bought us a web cam so we could follow the pups from all over the house, and later when they are older, from outside the house.

I gave all the pups color names in the evening when everything were settle down and calm.

Today they are 1 day old, and everything is still fine with them all. India has been outside, and she got a new shower of her “trousers”. She has been downstars to beg for food while baby Leona was eating, and she enjoy letting go of her big belly.

Here is a picture of the gang while I changed the blanket earlier today:

Thursday Maria (RR Escada and Adoreas designer) came by with a home made chocholate cake to have during the hours waiting for the birth, and after to celebrate! I LOVE chocholate cake! Really LOVE! So big thanks, Maria!!! It has been just perfect food for dog birth! It’s almost empty now β˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»


This must be the big day!

08:00 A girl!

07:20 A girl!

05:40 A boy!

05:30 A boy!

03:40 A girl

03:00 A boy!

02:35 A girl!

02:20 A boy!

02:10 A boy!

01:50 The contractions have started!

00:10 India is still very restless, and it would probably be a long, exciting night!

The big day?

23:30 No sign of the pups yet! We sit and wait in the puppy room!

20:00 India is not that calm now. Walking around restless. So we think something has started, but it can still take some time! Maiken has arrived, and hopefully she will see the pups arrive.

14:30 Little Leona is sick, and the fever is comming and going. Now she had a good periode climbing in the bed with India. I’m of course close so I see that she’s not to rough with India.

13:30 No news! India testing the puppy pen before she go for a walk!

09:30 India would not eat her breakfast today, so that’s a good sign that the birth is not far away!

08:30 Last night we thought the water broke, but India has been calm all night. Probably some pee. So we have nothing new to tell! I will update here during the day! Today is day 63 from the mating that I think was the right day.

Picture from the puppy room that show we are ready for the pups to come:

Waiting time

While we wait for the puppies to arrive, I will share some photos that I have published on Instagram:

India in the garden today. Day 62

India last night! She looks like a whale ☺️

India out in the sun 2 days ago

The x-ray picture taken last Thursday. Not easy to count, but 7-10-ish. Exciting!!

India before taken x-ray

The x-ray photo day 27