Presentation of the pups

The Boys:

Photo: Maria Sundsdal Gundersen

Mr Black –  Adoreas Red Pepsi lives in Kristiansand with Tina, Anders, the kids and big brother Adoreas Red Nilo. Adorea co-own Pepsi.

Mr Blue – Adoreas Red Puppy lives in Gjøvik with Marianne, Stein and the kids. And 4 horses.

Mr Brown – Adoreas Red Paco lives in Arendal with Nina, Jan and the Groenendael Monty. Nina and Jan earlier had Adoreas Red BelCanto and Adoreas Red Conrad. Adorea has the Breeding Rights in Paco.

Mr Green – Adoreas Red Palmessi lives in Høvik (Oslo) with Kristin, Fredrik and son. Adorea has the Breeding Rights in Palmessi.

Mr Grey – Adoreas Red Paddington lives in Arendal with Edle and a Ridgeback.

The Girls:

Photo: Maria Sundsdal Gundersen

Miss Orange – Adoreas Red Pandora lives with us here at Kennel Adorea.

Miss Purple – Adoreas Red Pippa lives in Stavanger with Randi and Olav. Their daughter has Adoreas Red Ona, so these 2 Adoreans will have much fun together. Adorea co-own Pippa.

Miss Red – Adoreas Red Pia lives in Oslo with Ståle and Karine.

Miss Yellow – Adorea Red Pixie lives in Kristiansand with Gunnar, Lene and kids. Adorea co-own Pixie.



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